Milan: Bittersweet

It’s December 19th and it has just finally started to hit me that my three and a half months of living in Europe is over.

And my eyes are trying to hold back the tears.

The tears I cry are not sad tears. They are of  joy for every experience that I have encountered. They are celebrating every person that I had the chance to meet. They are remembering every laugh and smile that I came across.

They are the bittersweet tears of my enchanting and breathtaking life in Milan; from the beginning to the end.

And that is why I am crying.
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Milan: Touched Down in Londontown

London. London. London.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 11.57.41 PM

Of all my trips that I’ve been on so far, and all the different languages that I’ve heard, I had the hardest time understanding the British. It was the weirdest thing. I could not understand them.

ANYWAYS. Yay London. The land of Burberry, Fish and Chips and all things Kate Middleton.
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Milan: Meet the Parents/Roman Holiday

WELL. This week was super eventful. My parents came to visit! I don’t know when I got to the age where I was old enough to have my parents start visiting, but I did. And it was great. It was nice to have a people from home here in Italy. And having more people to talk to in English was nice too. But my mom did keep offering to let me come back to the States earlier. Nope. Sorry.

We spent the week (Sunday-Thursday) in Milan, just touring, shopping and eating. The usual. Duh. We went to  Teatro alla Scala, one of the most renowned opera houses in Italy and the world, on Wednesday. BUT we didn’t see an opera. Nope. We saw a French Ballet instead. And I was SO happy because I like ballet more than opera. Oops.
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Milan: French Kisses and Other Things


This past weekend I got the amazing opportunity to go to France to celebrate the wedding of a friend that I haven’t seen in 3 years.

So a bit of history:

Manu and I met my junior year of high school when he was studying as an exchange student in San Diego. One day he rode up to my church on his bike and said “Hi I’m Manu”- and we’ve been friends ever since. For about 9 months, Manu and I argued about which country was better, France or the US, served the homeless and did life together. When he left the US in May of 2010, he was no longer a friend, but a brother and I was so sad because I didn’t know if I’d see my brother ever again.
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Milan: Textures

Hey y’all.

First… I want to take a moment for a  shout out to some pretty rad people. SO Jack Lawler and Mike Buckbinder- here’s your shout out (that you definitely asked me for). Thanks for dressing each and every day in your Sperry’s, Gap jeans  and occasionally, the J Crew sweaters. And all those frat tshirts are pretty cool too.

ANYWAYS. Moving on.
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Milan: Halloween and Vampires

Nobody celebrates Halloween better than Americans. It makes sense. Halloween is an American Holiday and all that.

BUT…. Milan throws a pretty epic Halloween too. It’s not as big as it is at home- and there aren’t that many children out trick-or-treating, but I saw some and it definitely made me miss my family.

Sidenote: The Johnson family were the Avengers/Marvel this year. My mom wins for still being able to get her children to play along with her Halloween themes. Even the girls did it… but I’m pretty sure that is because there were sparkles on the Captain America costume. If I had a sparkly costume, it wouldn’t matter what I was.

ANYWAYS. This Halloween, because I never plan my costumes in advance, I thought that I would just be a vampire because I could wear a black dress and do crazy makeup. I don’t know why, but Halloween always makes me want to go to makeup school. Maybe it’ll happen next year.
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Milan: Oops. I Fell in Love.

So I’m sitting in this amazing caffè with an empty cappuccino grande right in front of me (I’m considering getting another one), a plate with the crumbs of what used to be a banana and nutella crepe,  and one of my best friends in Milan on the other side of the table studying hard for midterms (which is something I should probably be doing too) and I realize something. I am starting to feel like I am home.

When you first move to a city, anywhere new really, you have to learn how the city works. What makes it tick. It takes some time to actually get acquainted and find your way around the city without needing to hold a giant map (or your handy dandy smartphone) in your hands at all times. When you move to a city where you don’t understand or speak the same language- it takes a lot more time to start to feel comfortable.
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Milan: Under the Tuscan Sun

Ciao! Come va?

TOSCANA È  BELLISIMA. (Tuscany is gorgeous). I would really love to spend at least a year in Tuscany… maybe become a wine expert during it… who knows?

On Friday morning about 87 people from IES Milano took two tour buses from Milan to Siena, where we basically took over the city. After tours of the city and whatnot, a bunch of us decided to tour it ourselves the best way we know how- through food and shopping. And of course we had a typical Tuscan dinner where we were served some of the best food (and wine) I have had in Italy thus far.
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Milan: Layers in the Gray City

Oh hello fall. I didn’t recognize you. Nobody told me that fall gets cold like this. And nobody told me that it gets this cold in Milan this fast. When has October ever been this cold? I’m starting to miss California weather, where I could get away with wearing a pair of rainbows, jeans and a long sleeved shirt until December. And then someone told me that it snows in Milan. I didn’t pack for that. We might have issues. {rant over}
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