My Favorite Things: Gigi G

I haven’t posted about My Favorite Things in a while…. but one of my best friends: GIGI G TURNS 21 TODAY!!!!! (October 27th if you’re wondering.)


I really wish I could celebrate her 21st with her- but because I can’t, I thought I’d dedicate a whole blog post.

So Gige- here’s why I (and everyone on the whole planet) thinks you are so awesome. (ALSO- I’m sorry that I can’t make your bed today… I’ll make it up to you though!)
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My Favorite Things: Food Trucks and More

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 9.30.35 PM


Have you ever been to a food truck? They are basically the most amazing inventions created on this planet. Think about it. It’s like some smart genius thought to take two of the greatest things and combine them together to create what is now known as a food truck. Last Friday night, my good friend SMADS and I went to this really cool food truck convention-like thing and I was literally in food truck heaven. So much goodness. So much community. So much food love. It’s great.
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My Favorite Things


In a world of busy schedules and billions of activities, I feel like sometimes we get too caught up in what we’re doing to stop and appreciate the things that we love. SO I decided that I would stop and write some of my favorite things each week as a way to cherish the best things about life.

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