Milan: Textures

Hey y’all.

First… I want to take a moment for a ¬†shout out to some pretty rad people. SO Jack Lawler and Mike Buckbinder- here’s your shout out (that you definitely asked me for). Thanks for dressing each and every day in your Sperry’s, Gap jeans ¬†and occasionally, the J Crew sweaters. And all those frat tshirts are pretty cool too.

ANYWAYS. Moving on.
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Milan: Halloween and Vampires

Nobody celebrates Halloween better than Americans. It makes sense. Halloween is an American Holiday and all that.

BUT…. Milan throws a pretty epic Halloween too. It’s not as big as it is at home- and there aren’t that many children out trick-or-treating, but I saw some and it definitely made me miss my family.

Sidenote: The Johnson family were the Avengers/Marvel this year. My mom wins for still being able to get her children to play along with her Halloween themes. Even the girls did it… but I’m pretty sure that is because there were sparkles on the Captain America costume. If I had a sparkly costume, it wouldn’t matter what I was.

ANYWAYS. This Halloween, because I never plan my costumes in advance, I thought that I would just be a vampire because I could wear a black dress and do crazy makeup. I don’t know why, but Halloween always makes me want to go to makeup school. Maybe it’ll happen next year.
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You’re now probably asking yourself who “they” are.

WELL. In high school, there was a group of us who grew up together in the church and who did life together. And then we graduated together.

We call ourselves the Fierce Five (yes, after the olympic gymnast team. no i did not name us). And we’re pretty awesome.
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today, rather, tonight’s post is going to be rather short.

today, some man looked at me and told me that when i’m 51, everyone in america and most of europe will know who i am. oh shoot. me? i mean, yes, he was a jeweler on the streets of Berkeley and yes, he was trying to sell me some rings. but still. that’s a really big statement to say.
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