Bucket List

my bucket list // yes I have one // yes it’s really long // yes this is a fraction of the real one

  • skydive
  • sing in front of an audience (17 May 2013 // “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”)
  • swim with dolphins
  • eat at one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants (January 4, 2014 // 21st Birthday // Gordon Ramsay at The London)
  • land a back flip (Spring 2012 // Sky High)
  • get a tattoo  (24 Jan 2016 // Nashville)
  • see the aurora borealis
  • meet the queen
  • flash mob (8 Feb 2013 // SCU!)
  • get inside the white house
  • meet a president
  • crash a party (6 October 2013// Milan Hot Pot//actually it was a chinese wedding)
  • meet julie andrews
  • ice block down a ginormous hill
  • go to at least 180 different countries
  • learn how to surf
  • see the taj mahal
  • be an extra in a hollywood production
  • dance a solo in front of a crowd (Fall 2012 // SCU dance class // it still counts)
  • ride a bull (it can be mechanical)
  • go skinny dipping
  • see niagra falls
  • meet a supreme court justice
  • live in a houseboat (for longer than a month)
  • ride a motorcycle (4 August 2011 // thank you Charlie)
  • go cow tipping
  • start the wave at a baseball game
  • model a wedding dress
  • spend time with a zebra
  • drive cross country (coast to coast)
  • flip on a wakeboard
  • do a half marathon (14 October 2012 // Nike’s Women Half in SF with Ann Marie)

in the end though, it’s just important to live life. to it’s absolute fullest. not care about if we get our list done, but what we did with the life that we were given.

{if you have a similar bucket list, or have really cool ideas, feel free to leave a comment}

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