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 a year ago in February, my mother went to Ethiopia on a missions trip and fell in love with a community of people so desperately in need of food, water and supplies. because of their desperation, many parents send their children off to Arab countries to be “domestic servants,” in hopes of giving them a better life and making some money. little do they know, their children are turned into sex slaves and are trafficked throughout the countries, never to return home or to see their families again. my mother, with such a huge heart and love for these people, has gone back to Ethiopia four (4) times now, leading teams through the villages to inform and warn the villagers of the trafficking recruiters. she and her teams also bring some really awesome chickens with such amazing egg-laying capabilities to try to help with their poverty. 

most importantly, my mom and her teams bring the villagers the love of Jesus, and just love on the people and become their friends. time after time again, my mom tells me stories of the people she’s met, the stories she encountered, and how her heart has broken for this community time and time again. 

my mom’s love for Ethiopia sparked a fire in the hearts of my dad and my siblings, and I’m so excited to announce that the entire Johnson family of seven (7) is going to Ethiopia in September to love like Jesus, educate the villagers against the sex trafficking industry, and bond with the people in the community that have such a deep hold on my mom’s heart. 

with that being said, seven people is a lot of people. because of this, my two oldest siblings (Emily and Quinn) and I decided to fundraise for our trip, to help us get to Ethiopia. each of us need 3465$ for the flight, lodging, food…. and chickens! we would love for you all to join us on this trip and get to know and love this country, but as that is not completely possible, we would love it if our friends and family would be interested in donating to our fund. not everyone can go to Ethiopia, but everyone can help. 

we love you, our family and friends, so very  much and are so thankful for the relationships that we have made with you all. please consider donating, keep us in your thoughts and prayers September 15-26, and keep in touch! we are hoping to have a blog for the trip, which we will keep updated as much as possible! 

to donate, click here


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